Dental Implants are a good permanent solution to replace missing teeth. Implants are sometimes the best option in dentistry to replace a missing tooth because no additional teeth need to be altered to place the new tooth.

The entire implant process takes the course of a few months. The implant must be allowed 3-6 months to heal. This process is called osseo-integration, which is where the jaw bone will form around the implant. While the healing process is taking place, temporary crowns are installed so that you can eat and speak normally and maintain a beautiful smile.

The actual implant procedure is not performed at our office. We refer our patients to a specialist who has had extensive training in implant surgery. Our office will refer you to the best specialist for your case.

Once the implant has been placed and healed, the patient will return to our office to have the restoration placed. Having an implant placed will restore your teeth to new and make your smile look great.