Porcelain veneers are thin shell-like custom facings that adhere to the front of your teeth to cosmetically enhance their appearance. Veneers are customized from porcelain material and are permanently bonded to your teeth. Making a perfect veneer is a tedious process that requires skill and experience.

We have many years of experience developing an artistic approach to cosmetic dentistry, mastering the veneer. Veneers require less preparation and removal of natural tooth structure than other types of restorations, so for the patient it is a less stressful appointment. In placing these new veneers on your teeth, you are able to fix the look of issues such as staining, cracked teeth, spaces, misaligned teeth, chipped teeth and many other issues.

If you are considering veneers to enhance your smile, come and let us take a look to see if they are an ideal solution to your problem.

Frequently Asked Questions